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" I am a clinical psychologist specializing in the assessment and treatment of various developmental disorders, including sensory regulation and integration, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and learning disabilities.

I have found that difficulties with internal regulation are best addressed through deep pressure touch modalities like the weighted blanket. Deep pressure touch stimulation helps the body relax and "ground" itself. This is particularly useful with children who have meltdowns and have difficulty communicating verbally.

The weighted blanket can be used in three ways:

To soothe and strengthen the sensory regulatory systems;
To "unwind" and relax after a stressful day;
At the time of a meltdown

I have been recommending weighted blankets to my patients with great success. I highly recommend them as an effective tool."

Silvia Schneider, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical and Educational Psychologist