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A heavy blanket is one of the most efficient ways to unwind. Relax and simply fall asleep!

Heavy blankets create a ”safe zone”, promote relaxation and provide comfort.

Weighted therapy awakens receptors in the body that help relax, focus, increase body awareness and promote restful sleep.

The blankets come with a special one-of-a-kind pocket that is scented with lavender (can be replaced with other fragrances), which further promotes restful sleep.

Note: The pocket must be removed prior to washing (as seen in the picture on the right).

The heavy blanket causes a sensation known as Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation (DPTS), which is similar to being held, cuddled, or getting a hug.

The DTPS response works in a similar way to a full body massage by reducing muscle and joint tension and reducing aches and pain.

Endorphins are known to cause calmness, happiness and relaxation as well as reduce pain.

Serotonin increases sensory perception and helps regulate body temperature.

Heavy blankets provide an answer to the human need for cuddling, security and comfort.

Heavy blankets are used mostly for sleep, but putting them on the shoulders or knees will also release serotonin, which then turns into melatonin, and improves concentration.

Other Items from the Makers of CuddleMe

Weighted blankets and similar products like knee pads, scarves and vests are used in occupational therapy in order to provide children with additional sensory stimulation.

There is an increase in the number of parents that use weighted items to treat their special needs children.

CuddleMe blankets are also used to help children focus, relax and fall asleep. Some children may show an improvement in their ability to concentrate.

Relax and Fall Asleep

Weighted blankets makes you feel as if you are being held tightly and promotes the human need for comfort and security.
At times, people who suffer from extreme anxiety, caused by autism or other conditions, find it hard to relax.

Dr. Tempel Grandin, who suffers from autism herself and has researched ways to relieve her anxiety, discovered the advantages of pressure in relaxing an unquiet nervous system.
Dr. Grandin invented a pressure machine for herself. Other researchers and clinicians adopted her idea by using weighted blankets.
It is believed that stable pressure on the body can quiet the mind.

Researchers have found out that Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation (DPTS) releases serotonin, a chemical that acts as a neurotransmitter that regulates mood, sleep and sensory perception.

Heavy blankets are used mainly for sleep, but placing them on the shoulders or knees will release serotonin, which converts into melatonin and improves concentration.

CuddleMe Weighted Blankets

CuddleMe Weighted Blanket is the sole manufacturer of weighted blankets in Israel as well as knee pads, vests, scarves and wraps.
Our products are less expensive than similar imported products, And we save on shipping costs!

All our products are high quality and machine-washable.
They are all locally made here in Israel and are suited for all weather conditions.

Our products go through rigorous tests by quality control experts and their comments assists to upgrade our products.

Our products are perfectly designed so that there is an even distribution of weight on the user.

Our products contain dozens of closed pockets filled with polypropylene pellets.
The pellets are very small and comfortable and allow an even distribution of weight in the blanket.
The blanket sits comfortably and evenly and provides a feeling similar to receiving a big hug.

The combination of a breathable, washable cotton material (pique, flannel or cotton print), light lining and pockets with weights creates a soft blanket that can be used year round especially in the hot climate.